FINN is an experienced stud dog & is available to approved Kennel Club registered Labrador bitches , who hold a current BVA eye test &  are at least hip scored , a minimum of 2 years old & who have a typical Labrador biddable temperament. He has puppies in qualified as Hearing Dogs, &in training with Veterans with Dogs as well as Crufts Qualified progeny

All puppies sired by  Finn will never be affected by :- PRA, CNM, EIC, DM , SD2 ,HNPK, MCD ,CYSTINURIA , he has also tested negative for the dilute gene , giving total peace of mind not only to you but also potential puppy buyers.

Finn has been semen tested for  quality & mobility tested, MAY 2021,  however  we would  HIGHLY   recommend you progesterone test your girl (especially maiden bitches) to be certain of the correct days for her to be mated … We would recommend idexx who we always use for our own testing .

Please order Idexx kits prior to matings …

For further information & advice please do not hesitate to contact us.    OR   07867 -781762
We offer two supervised matings & can give advice prior to seasons , whelping, diet etc through to advertising your litter below. You are more than welcome to meet  Finn & their doggy family prior to seasons . We are also happy to board your girl by prior arrangement only ……


Black BORN 2 x Bitches, 1 x dog 23/9/2021 nr Taunton Somerset . A lovely pet/show bred bitch . She is hip scored & has a current BVA eye Certificate . Puppies will be raised around a young family . This is a repeat mating … Please contact Ian for more details

***All puppies resereved***

*** Puppies ready for new homes mid November 2021***


Black litter BORN 16/11/2021 , 7 x bitches & 1 x Dog  nr Looe Cornwall . A fabulous pet/show bred bitch . She is hip/elbow scored & holds a current BVA eye certificate . Please contact Chrissie for more details

***x Bitches available***

*** Puppies ready for new homes early January 2022**


Black litter due mid December in Newlyn Cornwall . A sweet natured pet/working bred bitch . She is hip scored & has a current BVA eye certificate . Please contact Becky for more details ….

*** Scanned & confirmed in pup***

***Pups ready for new homes early February 2022***


Black litter due mid January 2022 in Guernsey . She is a lovely half show/half working bred bitch . she is extensively health tested hip/elbow scored , eye test , DNA clear for PRA, EIC,CNM, HNPK, SD2, She has a super biddable temperament.

***Puppies ready for new homes early March 2022***


Black litter due late January 2022 in Redruth Cornwall . She is a super show bred bitch , has done well in the show ring , great working ability. She is hip/elbow scored , BVA eye tested , & PRA clear . Puppies will be raised around a young family & bitches mother can be all seen . Please contact Kelly for more details…

***Puppies ready for new homes mid March 2022***

We are awaiting some lovely bitches coming into  season ……