FINN is an experienced stud dog & is available to approved Kennel Club registered Labrador bitches , who hold a current BVA eye test &  are at least hip scored , a minimum of 2 years old & who have a typical Labrador biddable temperament. He has puppies qualified as Hearing Dogs, & in training with Veterans with Dogs as well as Crufts Qualified progeny, but the majority  making wonderful family pets.

All puppies sired by  Finn will never be affected by PRA ,CNM, EIC, DM , SD2 HNPK, MCD ,CYSTINURIA & STARGARDT he has also tested negative for the dilute gene , giving total peace of mind not only to you but also potential puppy buyers.

Finn has been semen tested for  quality & mobility tested, August 2022 however  we would  HIGHLY   recommend you progesterone test your girl (especially maiden bitches) to be certain of the correct days for her to be mated … We would recommend idexx who we always use for our own testing .

Please order Idexx kits prior to matings …

For further information & advice please do not hesitate to contact us.    OR   07867 -781762
We offer two supervised matings & can give advice prior to seasons , whelping, diet etc through to advertising your litter below. You are more than welcome to meet  Finn & their doggy family prior to seasons . We are also happy to board your girl by prior arrangement only ……




Black & chocolate BORN 26/6/2022 , 2 x chocolate bitches, 1 x black  bitch & 3 x black dogs nr Marazion Cornwall . A lovely working /pet bred bitch with a sweet temperament . She is hip/elbow scored , current BVA eye certificate , PRA hereditary clear . Please contact Sharon for more details …..

***Dog puppies available , all bitches reserved***

***puppies ready for new homes late August***


Black & Chocolate BORN 26/6/2022 , 2 x black bitches , 1 x chocolate bitch , 2 x chocolate dogs & 3 x black dogs nr Liskeard Cornwall. A fabulous pet/show bred bitch with a super biddable temperament . This is her second litter with Finn . She is hip/elbow scored & has a current BVA eye certificate . Please contact Chrissie for more details …

***All puppies reserved***

*** puppies ready for new homes late August***


Black BORN litter 29/6/2022 , 8 x dogs & 2 X bitches  nr Helston Cornwall . She a lovely pet/working bred bitch with a super biddable temperament . She is hip/elbow scored , eye test & hereditary clear PRA & CNM . Please contact Heather for more details …

*** Dog puppies & 1 X bitch available***

***puppies ready for new homes late August***


Black & chocolate litter BORN 6/7/2022 , 1 x chocolate dog & 2 black dogs nr St Agnes Cornwall . A lovely pet/working bred bitch who is hip/elbow scored & has a current BVA eye certificate . She has a fabulous temperament & the puppies will be bought up around children . Please email Jenny for more details…

*** 1 x black dog available***

***puppies ready for new homes early September***


Black Born 22/7/2022 nr Ivybridge Devon . A super show / pet bred bitch . She is hip/elbow scored , current BVA eye certificate & dna tested clear for CNM ,EIC , SD2 . Please contact Debbie for more details…

*** All puppies reserved***

***Puppies ready for new homes mid September ***


Black & possible chocolate litter due in Dorset early October 2022 . A lovely working bred bitch with a lovely sweet  & biddable temperament . She is hip/elbow scored , current BVA eye certificate , dna tested hereditary clear PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 . Please contact Andrew for more details ….

*** Puppies ready for new homes early December 2022***

We are awaiting some lovely girls coming into season …….